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Beachcraft Bonanza in the Air
Beachcraft Bonanza at start
A lot of Bonanzas
The European Bonanza Society - Der Europäische Fliegerclub
Beachcraft from behind
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The EBS Mission

Hereby the European Bonanza Society (EBS) presents the new homepage and all related informations about the world of the Bonanzas.

After many suggestions we created now this possibility.

Moreover Bonanza owners and friend´s can use the new advantages by joining the EBS Membership.

Be part of sharing ideas and exchanging Bonanza related experiences.

EBS grows uninterrupted, and it is now registered as an non-profit society.

EBS Executive Board

Mission statement

Uwe Lutz - Public Relations

Your Contact

Uwe Lutz
Public Relations

Tel.: +49 171 5480 669